Uncanny Timing

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Obedience, Restoration, Supernatural | 0 comments

Today, Jan baked a blackberry pie from blackberries our daughter picked last summer. As the house filled with the aroma of a baking pie, I could sense it was getting done. I got up and walked into the kitchen just as the oven timer counted down the last few seconds, 3…2…1, then the beeping sound of the timer began letting me the pie was ready. The pie looked fabulous. As I sat the pie on the stovetop to cool, I got the sense this will happen for some of you in matters of the Spirit. 

In the coming days, the Lord will cause you to move toward the completion of something before any outward sign alerts you that the time has come. In the next week, expect unusual timing events to take place. Some of you will be prompted by the Spirit to move with uncanny timing to experience a supernatural alignment of your life with what the Lord has been preparing. 


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