Understanding the In-Between Moments

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

Today, Jan and I were on a conference call with two dear friends who work on the cutting edge of Kingdom innovation. During our call, we talked of a sense we have that we have entered an in-between moment in history where the future is not yet fully defined. This in-between place is a time of transition where we are departing from what was known to embrace a future that is not yet fully defined.

Cultural anthropologists define these times of passage as liminal moments. Liminal is a word that means we are on the threshold of something new. It is a moment of a new Kingdom consciousness where we move from one understanding to the next. It is akin to the state between waking and sleeping where we transition between two realities. Significant transformation takes place in these liminal transition experiences. It is in this space of time where the Kairos moments of God occur.

The danger in a liminal space is that we try to fill it with too much excess insight, driven by impatience, not by revelation. We try to prematurely address what is still unknown to us but known to God yet not fully revealed. Nervous believers can transmit a lack of trust in a liminal moment projecting too much prophetic-sounding noise and activity into these times of uncertain passage. It creates confusion by not resting in the last word given by the Lord before the transition began. A liminal time from a Kingdom perspective is a place where waiting for the Lord to act before we act is critical if we hope to not be derailed by a human empowered directives or quick-fix solutions.  

Rest, trust, and waiting on the Lord is our power base in liminal times of transition. These three will be our greatest challenge but they will produce the most profound fruit for those willing to embrace their calling.


  1. Angela Kerns

    Rest, trust, and wait…. that’s been what I felt the Lord called me to in 2020… continuing on in that place now. I have peace.

  2. Heather Hutchins

    Rest was also my last word …I worked for security for 13 years aa a musician left music now attempting to learn piano thinking there’s so many more important things but that was my next assignment.. thank you for your insight and encouragement ..it really is helping a lot of people..your words bring so much peace and wisdom for our times


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