Once you realize a change is needed, you are usually a bit late. But don’t worry if you think you have missed an opportunity. God knows how to accelerate things to bring your transition up to speed and in line with his plan. 

There are times in each transition when we feel like we may have missed God’s timing. We can feel like our best opportunity has passed us by. In these moments, we need to trust God to make things right. 

God loves us. He wants us to understand his heart. He doesn’t want us to miss any opportunity he has created. He will do anything within his power to align our lives once again with his purpose. 

God knows how to accelerate a missed opportunity to make it a present possession. Don’t linger in a place of worry, fretting over what you might have missed. Give God those missed opportunities so they will not become regrets that can immobilize your life and open the door to self-pity. Let God handle the missed opportunities. 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place) 


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