Virus Insight

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Culture, Death, Deliverance | 0 comments

When we use history to forecast future events, we can be taken by surprise when something unexpected and catastrophic appears and dramatically changes the course of our personal lives and the broader culture. The most significant challenges to humanity throughout history were not anticipated because of accurate and precise predictions. They just happened unannounced. When those events happen, no one is fully prepared. Trust in God is our only safe option in these situations. While concerns regarding the Coronavirus mount and fear accelerates around the globe, take a moment to seek God in prayer, and ask Him to prepare your heart to respond to what is transpiring with wisdom and faith. Wisdom and faith will help you navigate through what might come regarding this event or something else we have not yet imagined. Trusting in God is our only safe refuge, whether we are experiencing an over-hyped event or an unfolding global tragedy. 


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