Walking Between Two Opinions

by | Jun 1, 2014 | Honor, Love, Miracles, Reconciliation, Repentance, Trust | 1 comment

You are about to walk between two opinions. The demand that has been placed upon you to come into agreement with either side of this issue is a work of division and compromise. As you walk farther down this path the opposing parties will assume you are walking in line with their opinion. You are about to surprise those who are making these assumptions. 

These differing opinions are not your way forward. They are dead-ends. God has already given you His word for the way forward. Walk in it. This is not a time to pause between the opposing opinions of man. Walk ahead in God’s revelation and those gathering around these opposing poles of human opinion will watch as you walk between them onto a new and previously unseen pathway. This new way forward will become an invitation to those on either side of this issue to leave behind their dead-end assumptions and move with you into something new and supernatural.

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  1. Paul S James

    I read this blog… I had been having an open vision several times of going to a tent of meeting and passing between 2 candlesticks one to my left and one to my right. Each candle stick was a tall pole maybe 6-7 ft tall with a single flame upon each and each pole was inserted into the ground . As I passed between them I then turned to my left where a light was brighter than the candles flames.. but my vision was blocked. At times but not always I go to the internet to look up words or things I see to help me understand things I see, I rely mostly on the Holy Spirit. but I do on occasion use some resources to broaden my understanding. As I was looking this am somehow the Lord showed me I was moving between 2 opinions and your blog helped me understand what to do. My giftings are as prophet and seer in my local church. I am born again and spirit filled. I don't know if you realize the depth of what you wrote… but this was mean't specifically for my understanding. I will ponder and consider the way set before me. The candlesticks are 2 churches. One is on the verge of collapsing as Ichabod. The other knows the way and the truth but till now has been unwilling to engage in the direct affairs of another churches plight. I must follow the Lords direction and pull the 2 together. One to undergird the other in prayer until the enemy is defeated.


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