There are certain songs that pull deeply on my emotional
cords. This time of year one of those songs is, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. I
think I like that song because of the hope it releases of a promised reconnection
with loved ones. We all have these
responses to certain things in life – a song, the soulful cry of a violin, an
image of something beautiful or being the unsuspecting recipient of a tender act
of love.

There is one song, not a Christmas song, that when it is
played, I begin to weep. On one occasion the soundtrack of this song was played
when we had guests in our home. I had to leave the room because of my response
to the words and melody the song released. At another time, while driving in my
car, I found myself switching radio stations because I was simply not in a
place to process the emotion I was experiencing and safely drive my car.

I have followed my emotional response to the song to a place
I never knew existed. Once I arrived at the place where the song led me I found
a beautiful revelation waiting for my arrival – a revelation hidden deep in the
folds of the emotion it stirred.

Follow what you are feeling. God made you a feeling being
and He will use your emotions to show you the deeper mysteries of this life. In
that journey of discovery you will be led to places where you will discover how
God wired you and why you so uniquely respond to the stimuli of life the way
you do. It is a good journey. Many times its pathway will cause you to travel
through a veil of tears to a deep and previously unknown destination you would have
never discovered had you run away from what you were feeling.


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