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This morning just before getting out of bed, I was processing some thoughts about the Lord. I considered what I would ask Him if we had a conversation here on Earth – not a time of prayer, but a real face-to-face sit-down meeting. 

The longer I pondered that thought the more I realized I wouldn’t ask him about doctrinal questions or dates and times of coming events or what version of theology He prefers. I wouldn’t care to ask any questions that could be used to prove me right and others wrong. I would want something more.

I would ask the Lord if He would appear to me in His glorified body. I want to look into His eyes and hear His voice. I would ask Him about Heaven. I would want to know what that place is like for my mom and dad, my friends, and all those who went before me. I would ask if I could linger in His presence and just look at Him. Before He left, I would ask for an embrace until we meet again in eternity.

My morning imaginations reminded me once again that an encounter with Jesus changes everything. There is no greater experience we can have in this life. When I pray for people who are experiencing a difficult season and I don’t know how to pray for them, I ask the Lord to help them encounter Him in their struggle. All of the challenges in this life are put in a proper perspective by that one event.

Today, follow your imaginations about the Lord. You might be surprised where those imaginations will lead and what desires they will produce. For me, it was being led to a simple place, a place not cluttered with all the distractions and demands we allow to displace a simple and pure devotion to the Lord.


  1. Anna McIver

    Yes, an encounter.. an embrace to be forever changed..

  2. Arlene Sarver

    Wonderful concept.
    At the end I just imagined myself in His embrace with my head on His chest, telling Him I did not need to understand anything, I just trust He has it all in hand, no matter how it looks.

  3. Denisa

    I have wept reading it, put my own questions to the Lord… and then I read it to my 9 years old daughter as bed night story, a real touching and precious story. Bless you, pastor, Amen

  4. John J Anderson II


    Your story reminds be of the backstory of “I could only Imagine….”


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