When Exposure Takes Place

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Unusual and historic exposures may soon be forthcoming. A clarity and awakening will accompany these exposures. It will not be comfortable, especially for those of us who follow Jesus Christ. Our assumptions and lack of discernment will be made public when this exposure takes place. The exposure will have as its goal redemption, not death or destruction.

Exposure is a word used frequently when something of significance has been either swept under the proverbial carpet or denied outright hoping the denial will cause the masses to move on without taking a closer look. 

In the 15th century, the word exposure came into prominence defined as “to leave without shelter or defense.” Later in that same century, it added process to its definition to infer “to put questions to, interrogate closely.” Its definition was taken from an old French word “poser”, meaning “to put in place, to set.” Exposure requires a public place of examination and verdict to accomplish its goal. Whenever evidence of any wrongdoing is not allowed a critical public examination, justice is not possible. This is especially challenging when a loud chorus of objections comes from those who dismiss the validity of the evidence contained in the exposure before it is allowed to be examined.

Jesus is our Mediator.  He mediates our spiritual life before the Father and when the Accuser hurls accusation at our redeemed position. Mediation is a principle of God’s Kingdom and a principle that is present in any human institution where righteousness, truth, and justice are allowed to prevail. Our sins were revealed and forgiven by God through a process of exposure that required our confession and repentance. We would never have encountered the love of God without such exposure and the faithful work of our Mediator. Our exposure helped us see our broken condition from God’s perspective and our need for a Savior. That is the power of righteous exposure.

This principle also applies to the affairs of a nation that seeks truth no matter how unpopular the outcome of that truth might appear. In the coming days watch how the Lord will put things in their proper place through a loving act of exposure.


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