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When a crisis begins the first voices to speak are typically voices of fear. As fear takes hold, solutions are offered to mitigate our fear. Some of those offerings may later prove to be faulty after closer examination. Our greatest ally in such times is the gift of discernment.

We are seeing this take place in our response to the pandemic. None of us knew what to do or think when it first began. We made choices based on what we considered was the best evidence at the time. Some of what we assumed to be true has now been found not to be true. This has also occurred historically in the Church. Martin Luther had to step through the fearful control exerted by the religious establishment of his day and nail his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. As a result, the Reformation took place. This can happen in our personal relationships where the lie of a gossip is introduced producing fear and the lie is allowed to remain unchallenged and, as a sad result, a separation takes place.

Behind our uncanny ability to go along with fear-based solutions masquerading as truth, is our need to fit in and be seen as a rational person. To be rational is good if the truth is the source of our rationality. It becomes irrational when evidence appears and unmasks the fear that demands our compliance. 

This is a very uncomfortable conversation to have in some circles because it offers a contrary view of an assumed reality where the irrationality and unquestioned obedience of groupthink is accepted and rewarded.

Fear is not a trustworthy leader. It disengages our thinking and keeps us chained with others who have been linked together in a continued partnership with fear. Those who choose to not follow the prepared protocols of thinking that benefit the fear mongers and their supporters will be seen as unloving rebels. Their choice will appear to violate the assumed greater good – a greater good defined not by truth but by the continued support of the demand for compliance to the rule of fear. 


  1. Gwen Watson

    Your messages always provoke deep thought. There’s been several times you’ve unknowingly gave confirmation to a personal prophetic word I’ve received. Excellent author filled with the wisdom of God.

  2. Jeff McLeod

    Spot on, as usual, Garris!


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