When Hell Assaults a Promise

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

Every promise from God that offers any form of resurrection life will be challenged by hell in an attempt to thwart its fulfillment. That assault will be unrelenting until one of two things take place – the fulfillment of the promise occurs or the one carrying the promise gives up. 

The betrayal of Jesus followed by His arrest, the trials by political and religious institutions, and the mockery and shaming He experienced while He hung on the cross, reveal the tactics of hell’s assault on those who carry a promise. The Lord’s experience gives us insight into hell’s tactics and the methods of assault. The intensity of those assaults increases as the promise-carrier moves closer to the moment of fulfillment, just as it was with Jesus.

The ability to endure these assaults is not sourced in our strength, will, or determination. It comes from the knowledge that God will be faithful to accomplish what He promised even when all the odds seem stacked against that fulfillment, especially when our strength to endure has been depleted. 

Deep into the process of an assault when it seems that a promise has entered a tomb of death, this should be a moment of great expectation because now only God can bring all the elements of the promise together to create a resurrected outcome. No promise, no matter how dead it might appear, is over until a resurrection takes place. Until then, stand firm. Continue to believe against all human odds. Trust in the faithfulness of the Lord. He will always fulfill what He promised even when death appears to have won the day.


  1. Susan

    Thanks so much for sharing these insights by email for those who are moving away from Facebook

  2. Opa

    Thank you. I needed to hear this. Was getting very disappointed with certain promises not happening. I will keep standing just by trusting.

  3. BajaRev

    Needed this today. Our infant granddaughter suffers from degenerative epilepsy; doctors have given her “zero chance” for a life of any sort of quality; we’ve been told she could die literally at any second. She has been in and out of the hospital throughout her first year of life. We are holding out for a miracle, but are tempted, more and more, to just give up. Of course we know God is sovereign, and therefore can do whatever He wants. But your words today seemed written just for us. Blessings to you.


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