When It’s Time to Say “No”

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

I transitioned from police work and became a pastor many years ago. Occasionally, I am asked a question. “Was it a hard transition to make?” I typically reply, “No. There are more similarities than differences.” Today, I might add a point of clarification to my answer due to the socially engineered climate of lawlessness that is taking place in our culture.

When I was a cop, we enforced local and state laws and swore to uphold the Constitution. We did not have what we see taking place today. In some nations once thought to be free democracies, we see a different use of law enforcement. These officers are being used by political opportunists who want those who wear badges to work as their enforcers – enforcers of the very things that dismantle what they swore to protect.

At some point, those who are called to protect and serve must be willing to say, “No, I will not enforce that unjust law.” If community leaders and leaders within the Church are not willing to issue such a refusal, then we are farther down a dark road than we first imagined. History has proven that early refusals to unrighteous demands could have saved the lives of millions of people. A “no” at a local level is a first line of defense. Some things, if left unchallenged, will eventually morph into the ugly monster of totalitarian control. History repeats itself with an unsettling predictability and regularity.

We need to pray for courage for our first responders and leaders within the Church. That courage will be used by the Lord to protect innocent people under their care and help maintain a stable social platform where the God-given rights promised by our national institutions can survive and remain in place for coming generations. 

We are at a turning point. That turning point is a spiritual intersection that will present one of the greatest challenges to face the faithful men and women who serve behind a badge and those who stand behind a pulpit. The courageous refusals these individuals issue will prevent those in positions of authority from exercising unrighteous control over those whom God has placed under their care. A refusal to obey an unrighteous edict does not create anarchy. It prevents anarchy.


  1. Opa

    A refusal to obey an unrighteous edict does not create anarchy. It prevents anarchy.

    Great Quote there. I totally agree.

  2. Riekie Dalm

    Yes totally agree. I pray the leaders of our churches wake up and take courage to stand for and with their flocks .

  3. Val Cooper

    I am so glad to see you make this stand Garris! As a fellowship, the church I attend has been trying to promote this message from very early on in the “pandemic” narrative. We started a constitution class early this year, to help people understand the proper role of government in our “by the people” republic. The two Saturdays prior to Thanksgiving, we put on a rally at the Oregon capital building called “Let Freedom March”. Other churches in our area are completely unwilling to be involved. We actually get more support from the unchurched than from those who are part of a “church club”. I agree with the previous comment that we need to be in prayer that the true church awakens out of its slumber!


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