When Life Loses Traction

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Change, Courage, Destiny, Discernment, Discipleship | 0 comments

A few days ago, it snowed in our town. On my morning walk, I came across the tire tracks of a vehicle that was constantly losing traction on a steep street. What impressed me about the tire tracks was the evidence they left behind. The person kept moving uphill even when the traction was less than desired. 

Not all seasons of life will offer us dry emotional pavement. Each season will present new traction challenges. Like the driver who left tire tracks in the snow, there will be times when it seems like we are spending more time moving sideways, instead of making forward progress. What appears like a sideslip is actually the Lord helping us get to a better traction point to continue our journey up a steep section of life’s road. This is how the driver on the steep snowy street got home. This is also how a believer arrives at their God-inspired destiny.


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