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While opposing earthly kingdoms are rattling their sabers in defiance of each other, another kind of saber is moving, but it is not a natural saber posturing in a display of military might. It is the sword of truth offered in prayer and empowered by the Spirit. It is the only thing capable of cutting through the most powerful of dark influences and strategies.

If we could see and hear what is taking place in the realm of the Spirit, the prayers and declarations of God’s people are creating a deafening sound as our swords of prayer are striking together as an announcement of God’s coming intervention against the works of hell.

The movement of the swords of our collective prayers comes many times on our knees in silent pleas for God to intervene. To the undiscerning, that act seems absurdly simplistic and naïve as threats of war ramp up. To those who know the power of prayer, it is a display of our assurance that God will have His way at the end of the day.

We need to spend more time rattling the sword of the Spirit in prayer instead of listening to the breathless reporting of nations rattling their sabers in defiance of each other. Two things will come to those who choose to pray. An undefinable peace will fill their hearts while threats of war fill the airways and a deeper trust in God will emerge to displace a sense of hopelessness when it seems to many that the powers rattling their natural sabers are moving forward unchallenged. 


  1. Linda

    Amen !!

  2. John J Anderson II


  3. Dawn R Kludt

    I have wondered how to pray for this situation, my husband and I have been reading Kings and Chronicles together. Solomons prayer when the temple was completed has been our prayer for now. It can be found in both books.


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