When Things Are Taken Away

by | Dec 18, 2016 | Future, Hope, Kingdom of God, Reconciliation, Redemption, Restoration | 0 comments

When things are
taken from us by death or through a painful circumstance of life, our first
response can be to begin looking for a replacement. We want to fill our place
of loss with someone or something. We think by filling the void with a replica
we can make the pain go away. That response can create a greater sorrow than
the emptiness.

What if replacement
was not God’s plan? What if your emptiness was to be occupied only with a
memory of God’s goodness and mercy, not with a replacement created in a moment
of deep and uncounseled despair?

With God, a place
of grief and sorrow is never meant to be your destination. In His great love, God is
creating a new place not filled with debilitating grief or shrouded with unresolved
sorrow. He is inviting you to come and experience something so new you would never
have thought its existence was possible. These are places where new love is
found or where a second chance at a stolen opportunity is offered once again.

God is creating a place
of increase and provision in your future beyond the cold boundaries of what was
lost. At His invitation, move with Him into the empty and unfurnished room of your
future and allow Him to decorate that empty space with unbelievable expressions
of His love and provision. From that newfound place of joy the pain of your
past will find a healthy perspective in your history and you will find
rest in your soul.


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