If you have experienced a frustrating and painful outcome from a decision or an action made outside your control and now you want to walk away, make sure you are walking into the arms of Jesus, not into the arms of bitterness and anger. Be wise in the choices you make in these moments because other arms are also waiting to embrace you that have unhealthy agendas. 

God is willing to work with you to restore you from the hurt you experienced.  When His plan of restoration is complete, He may not return you to the place where the offense occurred, but that will be His choice, not yours. 

When we are wounded we can make really bad decisions fueled by our emotions that will set us on a sorrowful path leading to a life of regret and a series of never-ending scenarios of future disappointment. The only time our hearts can make wise decisions is when they are aligned with the heart of God, not the wounds caused by others or the pain of our unmet expectations.


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