When Your Back is Up Against the Wall

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

There will come a time when our beliefs will put us in direct opposition to the spirit of the age. This challenge can make a person feel as though their back has been pressed up against a solid wall with no hope of deliverance. In these situations it can seem like the conflict we are facing is up to us to win when in reality, it is God who promises to intervene when His children are faced with this kind of opposition.

I was reading one of Jan’s blessings from Isaiah. She formed her blessing from the text in Isaiah 37 where the Assyrians are preparing to attack Jerusalem. The king of Assyria said to those within the city “Don’t let your God who you trust deceive you.” It was a mocking statement offered to get the inhabitants of Jerusalem to surrender out of fear believing that God would not come to their rescue.

A portion of Jan’s blessing reads:

“When your enemies assert invincibility

attacking you for your beliefs

and branding you with hatred,

when your life is threatened

and your back is up against the wall,

remember: the contest is between

the gods of this world

and the One True God.”

The conflicts regarding our faith are never just personal. They are part of something much larger – a conflict between the gods of this world and the One True God of Heaven. The battlefield of this conflict is our ability to believe and trust God. When we see an approaching conflict and hear its mocking taunts, our greatest weapon against such an assault is to trust in the faithfulness of God, especially when what is coming against us seems overwhelming. If your faith has backed you up against a hard stone of a wall of impossibility, take heart, your deliverance is near. 

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    Yes and amen!


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