You Are Ready For Publication

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I remember when I wrote my first book, Prayers from the Throne of God. I was a nervous first-time author. I felt the Lord nudge me to ask Jack Hayford to write the foreword. Each time I had been with Pastor Jack over the previous thirty years, he was gracious and affirming. He was the same way when I approached him about the writing the foreword. I knew I was asking a very busy man who gets asked the same request I was bringing to him multiple times each week. He graciously said yes and wrote a wonderful forward. Along with writing the foreword, he asked me to speak at his yearly conference. I was humbled and honored.

When I first talked with Jack about writing the foreword, I said I would send him the manuscript for the book telling him I was sure there were some undiscovered errors in the book. I wanted it to be perfect and error-free and told him so. Jack replied, “At some point, you just have to publish it. Every book will have a mistake or two. Never let that concern stop you from publishing your book.” That statement set me free. Jack’s word of wise counsel and encouragement has followed me through the writing process of seven books.

Your life is like a book. It will never be perfect because you are human. You have a choice to park at a known weakness or human frailty and let life pass you by or you can move ahead, errors and all. This is not about ignoring the needed work these broken places will require. We need to take them seriously but never let them hold us back. When you said yes to Jesus He made you holy and spotless. Your life is an error-free manuscript in the eyes of God. He has proofread your life using the manuscript of the life of Jesus. In that manuscript, He found no errors.

You have been ready for publication for a long time. It is time to move forward. If in the proofreading of your life you do find an error or two realize God has no plan to stop the publication and distribution of your life because you appear to be human. He knows all there is to know about you. In spite of what you may discover in your life, He has plans to make the story of your life a bestseller. 


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