You Threw In The Towel Too Early

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Forgiveness, Future, Hope, Power, Repentance, Trust | 1 comment

The phrase, “throwing in the towel” was used in boxing matches when the trainer saw that his boxer was getting destroyed in the ring. The trainer, seeing what appeared to be an inevitable and devastating defeat, would throw a towel into the ring and the referee would stop the fight. You threw in the towel in a personal life-situation and walked away. You thought it was all over and defeat would be the only epitaph for what took place, but God has another plan.

God wants you to walk back into the ring of that painful situation and retrieve your towel. God did not say it was over – you made that decision. You felt it was over because you were tired of watching the fight and you were weary from all the drama.

As you humbly walk back into the ring and pick up the towel you tossed in a moment of frustration, God will do something powerful in your heart. Your entry into the ring will be a visible admission that you walked away too soon. Your act of obedience will give others who have also quit too early the courage to try again. Your example will help them reengage their personal battles and understand only God can say when something is truly over.

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  1. Anonymous

    How do you walk back into the ring? How do you know how to re approach the situation? I want to go back so badly but I am truly terrified that door has been permantely sealedoff. Ive been in mourning… my heart longs to be back again. It truly is my hearts true go back. Im just not sure I can be the person I need to be in order to serve in that capacity. Im just a mess over it all really. I keep reading what you post here and it is like God is whispering in my ear personally and giving me a cosmic hug..and a fatherly push back out the door. I cant find it in me to go back though.. and my heart breaks.


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