You find yourself in a situation where you are alone
and facing a significant challenge. You
are like a street cop who pulled over a car for a minor traffic violation and
then realized you had stopped a vehicle full of dangerous felons. Your tactics
need to change if you are going to survive.

You need to get the suspects out of the car, but you
can’t do it alone.  Help is on the way. This
situation will be like that moment when a solo police officer hears a radio
broadcast informing him that back up units are speeding to his location to help
him handle a dangerous situation.

You have confronted a volatile issue and now you are
holding it at spiritual “gunpoint”.  This
is a time to trust your training and the fact that God is sending you the help
you need to safely end this standoff. Stay vigilant and wait.  Stay behind the cover of truth. Help from
heaven is in route and together with God’s Spirit and angelic intervention this
threat to you and others will be arrested and the situation resolved.  You have been prepared for this moment.  This is a time to trust your training and the
faithfulness of God.

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