Your Line In The Sand

by | Jul 6, 2014 | Father, Forgiveness, Obedience, Repentance | 0 comments

In a moment of frustration you drew a line in
the sand. This is a line you now regret
making. You have grown as a person and you clearly see the mistake of your
impulsive decision. You have moved on in life, but the line is still there
limiting access to a relationship you now want to see healed.

You are so far away from the line you drew in
the sand that it would be impossible for you to go back and erase it.  You have to trust God to do what you cannot

The wind of God’s Spirit is a powerful
force.  So powerful is this wind that it
can blow on the line in your absence and erase any evidence that it ever
existed.  Ask God to release the wind of
His presence on your regretful decision. 
He knows you realize you made a mistake and need His help to make things
right. He will come with His wind and remove this line of judgment setting you
and the other person free to finally move on.


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