Your New Orbit of Understanding

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Creativity, Deliverance, Destiny | 0 comments

Your attempt to process what is taking place in the world has been a dizzying experience. Life has been spinning with increasing velocity. It has been a challenge as you tried to hold on to the sense of stability you enjoyed within the familiar orbit of the past. 

As the speed of this emotional and spiritual orbit has ramped up, you feel as though you have lost control. You have been shot out from the security of your previous orbit into a universe of thought you did not know even existed. 

This loss of control is actually a work of the Lord. He has audiences that need to hear your voice. In the old orbit, you held on revolving around a limited understanding of a greater truth. What you have processed in the last few months will become the core of a message God will have you deliver to those who have been waiting for your arrival.  


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