When I traveled to Russia, I came home with gifts for my family. On Arbat Street in Moscow, I purchased a matryoshka doll, also known as a nesting or stacking doll. These dolls are cylindrical wooden containers with the picture of a person painted on their surface. They are constructed so that when you remove the outside doll, another one is revealed just under the surface. They are like an onion with many layers. This goes on for as many dolls as the artist desires to create, each one getting smaller and smaller until the final doll is revealed.

Your life has become like one of the matryoshka dolls I purchased in Russia. It seems like layer after layer of your life is being stripped away. You feel like you are getting smaller. This would seem obvious if someone is only viewing your life with natural sight. What is happening in the Spirit is very different and far more significant.

In the process of this Spirit-led simplification, you are being made ready for a more focused Kingdom effectiveness. God is peeling away unnecessary layers you had accumulated over time to bring you to a place like David found himself when he faced Goliath – stripped, agile and competent. You have not been called to wear the armor of another person or the particular style of any ministry.

You have been encumbered by what you thought you needed to engage your calling. That was not a request from God. It was an assumption on your part. God wants your life lean and unencumbered, able to move in any direction at a moment’s notice in response to His voice. He is revealing a simpler and more powerful version of you. Let Him have His way, and when this process is done, you will be amazed at the transformation that has taken place.


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