#4 Trust Your Team

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(“Thoughts I Want To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#4 Trust Your Team

Every church, every family and every business is a team. If you have done your job well your team will know your heart and the things you are passionate about. You can trust them to make right decisions without having to manage every aspect of their lives and calling. This trust will release a deeper level of creativity within the team and allow each person to explore new levels of anointing.

When you need to make a decision that will affect the group it is wise to give your team the time they need to process any proposed change. Do this before setting things in stone. A new vision can seem stark. Initial reactions are only that – reactions. Wait and trust. Include each team member in the process. Their participation will show you things you cannot see. This will honor them. There will be few real emergencies where you need to make an on the spot independent decision. When these rare moments come you have permission to make those decisions. A healthy team will understand this.

It is too easy to make decisions in a time of private frustration and then announce it publicly, bypassing team interaction. This can begin to erode trust within a team. Your assignment is to release people to do their job with creativity and freedom. The trust that develops from this kind of leadership will create an atmosphere of honor. Trusting your team to do their job without you hovering over them as they work will allow them to rise to new levels in their calling and it will keep you free to pray and dream about the future.


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