#5 Outwitting Your Imposter

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(“Thoughts I Want To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#5 Outwitting Your Imposter

Inside each of us lives an imposter.  This imposter wants to ruin your life by leading away from the person God created you to be and have you assume a false identity.  You have to learn to outwit the imposter. This outwitting is done with truth, honor and identity.

Truth creates brutally honest conversations.  Talk to yourself – the new one – the real one – and ask that person to take over the conversation with the imposter.  As you begin to speak truth, honor will come forth because honor is the product of truth. With God, nothing is ever lost even in the times when you walked away with the imposter and believed a lie.  The Prodigal Son learned this lesson when he returned home and the Father restored his life. The good work God did in you simply gets misplaced in the confusing seasons of life.  Honor will reach out and recapture the real you, dust off the neglect and abuse that took place, and point you in the right direction once again.  Your identity was never in jeopardy.  It is sitting with you, in Christ, at the right hand of the Father safe and secure in heaven apart from the broken seasons of your life.

The imposter will try to tell you lies, dishonor your life and falsify the new creation you have become.  Don’t let him do this.  Call him out.  Fight him in a spiritual bare-knuckle brawl and reset your boundaries.  This fight will go on in different forms for the rest of your life.  Paul told the Galatians there is never a time when these two identities are not in conflict with each other. Don’t let that thought trouble you.  It is the stuff of real life in the Spirit.


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