In the hills above my home grows a rare flower from the Lily
family of plants called the Gentner’s Fritillaria. This plant was first identified
in 1942 in a young woman’s bouquet of flowers. 
It only lives on earth in this part of Southern Oregon.  It is believed that only 1200 of these rare
plants exist.

The Gentner’s Fritillaria can only grow in certain
microclimates that exist within this part of Southern Oregon in the hills above
the small town of Jacksonville, Oregon. You have to be walking along the right trail, at the right time of year,
in the right part of the forest to see these beautiful plants. You won’t find them elsewhere in Oregon or
during any other time of year. God was
very specific when He created this plant and placed it in this small part of
the world. He had a purpose for narrowly defining the habitat of this plant.

This week, I was hiking these trails when I came across this
plant in full bloom. It was stunning to see. I slowed my walk down to just a slow
stroll and counted about twenty different blossoming plants during a four-mile
hike. As I pondered the unique and rare
nature of this plant the Lord began to download a word to me using this plant
to explain His truth.

We are in a season where there exists an abundance and wide variety
of prophetic words. God and His truth have many unique facets, reflecting the
same truth in many different ways seen from different perspectives. Truth and
revelation are not diminished because we see the same truth packaged in ways
resembling a field of uniquely different and beautiful flowers. 

In the field of prophetic words, God has a specific word waiting
for you. Like the discovery of a rare
flower that grows nowhere else on earth, God wants you to find a specific word
for this specific season.

On the day of my hike a group of amateur botanists were on a
power hike through the mountains in an attempt to find this plant. They seemed desperate and asked if I had seen
any blossoms.  They had just hiked
through the same area I had hiked. Their
speed had caused them to worry more about where their feet were going on the
trail than on their surroundings, causing them to miss the beauty of the forest

Just as
there is a right place and right time to view this rareFritillariaflower in bloom, God has
specific and unique treasures for you to discover over the course of your
life.  Some revelatory words will not
come quickly because there has yet to be created a personal context in which to
deliver the word. This is a time to wait and trust God to assemble the right
people and the right circumstance needed for the delivery of the word you have
been seeking.

God to take you into the forest of prophetic words and reveal that one rare
word you need for this season. His word will bloom and He will make it known to
you.  Ask Him if you are on the right
path, in the right forest and in the right spiritual climate where this word is
planted awaiting your arrival.  If you
are out of position ask God to reposition your life. He will be faithful to do

you find the word God has spoken over you, it will be a rare treasure – not
seen unless you were on the right path, in the right forest at the right time of
year where His word has been destined to bloom. 
Slow down and you will be able to discover your specific word
hidden in plain sight.

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  1. Unknown

    Thank you so much for this post. Confirmation is such a blessing. The message at our meeting yesterday was: there is a time and season for everything –Eccle. 3:1-8. This post was confirmation to that word. Thank you Holy Spirit for confirmation to the revelation. Now, allow us to experience the revelation. PTL


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