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We have entered uncharted territory for both the Church and the nation. A spirit of lawlessness is afoot that functions untethered to reality, commonsense, and most importantly, to the heart of God and Scripture. 

Many are looking to our courts and the founding documents as the source of their deliverance. While those things are important, in the larger scheme of our developing history, they will do little to help us if the ones in places of authority appear like drunken hired guns riding into town with pistols drawn firing into the air in an attempt to take over a community for a night of debauchery and pillaging. 

While it is important to hold people accountable to the rule of law, we have entered new territory where it has become obvious only an intervention by the Lord will bring deliverance. What is about to happen will look like something taken from the script of a Western movie where the hero meets the leader of a raucous and violent gang on Main Street for a showdown. 

As the showdown develops, gang members drunk with overconfidence regarding an assumed outcome will surround the developing drama tossing mockery and threats at the lone hero. This will go on until the moment of the draw when the Lord will send a round of truth into the heart of deception causing the supporting gang members to lose heart and run away. Only then will the timid citizens who were bullied and threatened into silence and submission, leave their homes and shops to view the corpse of deception that held them in bondage. 

A showdown is about to take place and its purpose will not be to prove any of us right. It will reveal the will of God for our nation and provide a point of clarity to a confused Church. When the Lord intervenes in human affairs, His intervention will bring peace, harmony, and joy, each one a byproduct of demonstrated truth.


  1. John J Anderson II

    A friend became president of an African nation after success in reducing government corruption. WIth good advice, he appointed a cabinet and began to rule the nation. He suffered two coup attempts in his first year, and at least one coup attempt per year thereafter. When asked how he was planning to establish a faithful and stable government, he replied “Neither parents, clan leaders nor schools have ever taught the Rule of Law. Until they do, we will struggle to find leaders with the character to put the good of others above benefit to their clan.”

    May we model integrity and covenant-keeping and attract to our cause those whose character reflects those traits too. Perhaps our model will inspire others.

  2. Bette Cox

    Since the fall of 2015, I have been led by the Lord in praying / decreeing / commanding “Out and oust, Lord” meaning to reveal the ungodly (anti-godly) ones in our nation and remove them from any sphere of influence. Several days ago, the Lord seemed to add a phrase to that prayer — “and replace them with Your choices.” Those spheres included all branches of government, industry and business, sciences, education, communication, media and entertainment. Since then we have seen that come to pass over and over, and continue to see it. Now I expect the “replace” them to begin to be seen as well. Thanks for your wisdom and boldness, Garris. God bless you as you continue to minister to us.

    • Daphne

      Love this Betty. Im
      Praying similarly for The US and now where i love in Canada. I know Canada’s justice is tied to the US’s. Thank you for your continuing stand in wisdom Garris. Your voice is needed


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