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A few years ago, I met with one of the young cops I had trained. As we caught up on life, he shared a story. He initiated a car stop and as he approached the vehicle, he saw actions of the driver that caused him to back away and reassess. After events unfolded that led to the man’s arrest, it was discovered he had a pistol hidden under the left side of his coat aimed at where he assumed the officer would stand. He was ready to shoot. How the officer approached the threat saved his life.

When he finished retelling the story he said, “What you trained me to do saved my life.” I had drilled tactics into this young recruit and others like him that would reduce risk, and in some cases save their lives. There was great satisfaction in seeing him alive and healthy. So many of the principles of street survival apply to life in the Spirt. 

How we approach the situations of life can determine the outcome. As the officer approached the suspect vehicle, something was off. He discerned a threat before he saw physical evidence of a threat. Had he too quickly approached the suspect vehicle without discerning what he was walking into, he would have stepped into the line of fire. 

How we approach the situations of life will either put us in a place of safety or jeopardy. We can run up to situations led only by our emotions or move forward led by the wisdom of the Spirit. These are spiritual life and death choices. If we run forward to engage the issues of life fueled only by our emotions and the intent to prove ourselves right and others wrong, we will play into the hands of the enemy.

Some of you reading these words need to back off and reassess your current situation. You are walking into a place of danger. Ask the Lord to reveal another way to approach what you are about to engage. Your spiritual health is at stake. It is one thing to be wrong, adjust and survive. It is another thing to be dead wrong, being unwilling to make the needed changes in your attitude and perspective that would have ensured your survival. With a humble and moldable heart, you will be able to make adjustments to your approach and go home at night spiritually alive with your witness still intact.


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