A Father’s Duty

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This morning I am performing a duty required by all fathers. I am helping one of my kids.  My daughter, Anna,  is out of country in Chile.  She called last night from Santiago asking me to start her car since and let it run since it will have sat idle for several weeks prior to her return home. When I went out to start her car the battery was dead.  On the outside the car looked great, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I jump-started the car and drove it down to our local tire dealer who sells batteries and had them install a new one. The old battery had no life left. When I parked the car in front of the business the battery was so completely dead it would not even restart for the technician who was trying to drive it into the service bay.

As I sit here in the lobby of the tire business waiting for a new battery to be installed, I realize my life, and maybe the lives of some of you who are reading these words, looks a lot like my daughter’s car. On the outside we appear functional, but inside we lack the spark needed to get our lives moving forward. Throughout the various seasons of our lives each of us will find ourselves in those moments of time where we need the Father to come and jump-start a dead place in our life and install a new spiritual battery. This is not something we can provide for ourselves.  God our Father does this because He loves us. Our contribution to the process is asking Him to come and check us out.

Our spiritual batteries run out of juice when we rely on the anointing from a previous season to somehow carry us into a new season.  The discovery of a dead spiritual battery is an invitation to begin believing for something more – a new start that requires a new anointing.

I used to get depressed when I discovered my spiritual battery had run out of power.  Anymore, I am learning to get excited because I have come to realize our loving Father delights in fulfilling His duty of love to jump start our lives when they have become parked and immobilized. When God comes He will install a fresh anointing that will carry us into a new season of life and ministry. This is what a Father does. Like my daughter did with me, call your Father to come and check out the status of your spiritual battery.  If you discover it no longer has enough power to get you going, trust God to install a fresh measure of His presence in your life for the next leg of your journey. Our Father loves to do this for His Children because it is His duty of love.


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