Stepping On Storms

by | May 31, 2015 | Courage, Trust | 0 comments

When Peter stepped over the side of his boat and began to walk on water the side of the boat represented the line of separation between human logic and reasoning and Spirit-led wisdom and revelation. Jesus invited Peter to experience a miracle in the middle of the storm when He said to Peter, “Come”. Peter then wisely responded to the revelation of Jesus.

Navigating a storm with human logic and reasoning will only produce an interesting story of survival.  Crossing a stormy sea while walking on the waves will produce a testimony of something miraculous.

There are times when responding to the voice of Jesus will require that you defy religious logic and reasoning.  In these moments of radical obedience is where miracles are experienced. Today, climb over the side of your boat and respond to the voice of Jesus no matter how illogical or unreasonable His request may sound.  This is where your miracle is waiting.


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