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Some of the petals from the bouquet of past revelations have begun to wither. It is time for a fresh word from the Lord for a new season.

I enjoy buying a fresh bouquet of flowers for Jan from time to time. I love the look on her face when I return home with a bouquet in hand. After a week or so, I can tell it’s time for a new bouquet. The luster and life of an existing bouquet begins to wither no matter how much water we add to the vase. At that point, I need to pay a visit to a florist.

While the Lord will issue prophetic words that will span centuries and even millenniums of time, most prophetic words have a shelf life. A word comes to us for a new job. A child is born, and a word is delivered to help a new mom who feels overwhelmed or a senior citizen wonders what their remaining days will look like. Specific words come in these instances to help us move forward with hope.

What was given as a word of hope to get us through a unique life experience will need to be revisited and redelivered in another form, so it remains fresh and applicable to each changing season of life. As the seasons of life change, so will the specific content and application of the prophetic words we will need to help us move forward. 

Some days I bring home roses. Other days, I might purchase sunflowers or tulips. They are still flowers but in a different form. It is like the changing content of a word of encouragement given to us in the past. The new word contains the same encouraging content but in a different form. 

Ask the Lord if it is time to receive a fresh revelation for a familiar prophetic word. He has an unlimited eternal floristry of encouragement waiting for delivery. Ask and He will deliver.


  1. Amy

    Beautiful imagery. Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. John Anderson II

    Beautiful metaphor, Garris!

    A friend once used the metaphor of the New/Old Wine and New/Old Wineskins to declare “yesterday’s revelation (no matter how many yesterdays have passed) is always ‘Old Wine'” and “the structures, strategies, plans and organizations for implementing/stewarding it are ‘Old Wine Skins'”.

    New Wine (today’s Fresh Revelation) must always have a New Wine Skin.

  3. Jonathan Khan

    Oh that we stay connected to the fresh revelatory flow of the Holy Spirit! Remaining current with God’s relevant Word is a skill we must all master with the help of the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. If you we do not move from glory to glory we get stuck in past education without revelation. Like the bouquet you mentioned we become dry and withered.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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