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I once spoke to the leader of a church movement in Europe. He made a comment about the subject of abortion, “That is something we don’t even talk about anymore.” He made that comment as his nation slipped deeper into deception and depravity while its citizens maintained a cheerful outward demeanor that added to its appeal as a tourist destination.

The leader’s comment shocked me until I researched the impact of his church movement on the spiritual well-being of his nation. Its impact was minimal and isolated to the small clusters of people who gathered on Sunday mornings. What was being revealed to me was larger than a biblical stance on something like abortion. Compromise in one area will begin to infect all areas of our faith.

Once we become dulled to issues that matter to God and relegate them to a place of insignificance, we begin to slide toward a disempowered form of faith that will no longer challenge the works of hell.

As the world moves toward the potential for global war and fear is gripping many hearts, as immoralities of every bent emerge and are celebrated, as our preaching is focused more and more on the individual and not the majesty of God, we are greasing the slide for a descent into compromise, a compromise I heard spoken by the church leader. 

The coming Great Awakening will initiate a resurrection of holiness and an unwillingness to compromise truth. As this takes place one of the hallmarks of past revivals will emerge – repentance. We will repent of those things that have diluted our faith and derailed our passion for issues that are dear to God’s heart.


  1. Linda Franusich

    Spot On ! Bless your words Garris 🙏

  2. Nita

    Wow, the word repentance really hit my spirit. I believe with you that it will be key to any turning around of an individual or a church movement. And it doesn’t have to be hell-fire and brimstone, but without admitting sin, we are not free to be delivered.

  3. Jonathan Khan

    Indeed, amidst the decadence there is a dynamic revival brewing. One that will rend the heavens and shake the foundations of the earth! The neo-apostolic church will not compromise. They will be riveted to truth, exposing and defusing deception, and establishing the culture of God’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Hallelujah!

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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