You know the feeling you get when you hear words in your heart that are not typical in your normal vocabulary. The words get your attention because you know its God speaking and not your imagination. I heard two words like that a few days ago. The words were, “Global Reset.”

When I heard those words, I understood them to mean an experience of such magnitude that it would produce wonder and absolute awe in each culture on Earth. Its magnificence would focus worldwide attention on the one thing that was taking place. Across the globe, people would be willing to put aside their petty issues, division and their limited understanding of reality in exchange for what the reset promised.

The reset is so huge in its scope that it’s not on our radar as a possibility. It would be akin to the promise of Ephesians 3:20 as something, “…abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.”

This Global Reset will be a worldwide move of God so profound in its dimension that none of us will have a historical reference point for what takes place. This release of Heaven on Earth would literally begin to shift the sound the Earth is making from its current state of groaning to the sounds of celebration in anticipation of what is being released through the people of God. (Romans 8:20-22)

This reset will exceed what has taken place in the awakenings, revivals, and reformations in the past. It will be unimaginable because it is beyond any human ability to produce even with the best of our collective labor, creativity, and sacrifice. It will be God showing up in such transformative power that it would be akin to an alien invasion of Earth where all eyes are focused on what is transpiring. A reset of this magnitude will be the beginning of something utterly new on Earth. When the Global Reset finally takes place, it will change everyone and everything.


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