Stirring Your Passion

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Apostle, Change, Church, Five-Fold Ministry, Gifts, Reformation, Revival | 0 comments

When I awakened this morning, I began to think of what would happen if the masses of people who follow Jesus Christ became an active part of the reformation currently taking place in our culture. Today, many believers feel distant from the subject. They think discussions about reformation take place in the rarified air breathed only by theologians.

When I wrote the book, The Sound of Reformation, I did not write an academic treatise on the subject. I wrote a concept book. Many excellent works on the subject of reformation already exist. What was not present was a simple publication that could be approached by the everyday man and woman who has stood at a distance from what appeared to be such a heady subject. I wrote it for the busy church leader who has considered the topic too complicated to take on amidst an already strenuous ministerial calendar.

This morning, I received a kind and affirming email from a man in Europe who picked up a copy of my book from our European distributor. He wrote, “The Sound of Reformation, which I have just finished, touched so many areas of my life that God has been speaking into. It has stirred a passion in me, and it is already swirling around with excitement for my part to play.”

My newfound European friend expressed precisely my desire for anything I write, but especially the goal I wanted to accomplish in writing The Sound of Reformation. Much of what we have tried to convey about reformation has been too complicated and unapproachable by the masses. As a result, many in the Church have not had their passion stirred and have yet to discover their unique part to play in the reformation taking place in each culture on Earth.

This is your time to discover and engage your part. You have amazing things to do with God. Discovering that calling and engaging its possibilities will stir a passion you did not know you had.


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