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The voices that have mocked, dismissed and labeled people as conspiracy theorists are beginning to experience an uncomfortable awakening to reality. Those who listened to the voices that declared a prepared deceptive narrative believing it to be true are now at a turning point. They can choose to continue believing the misinformation or conduct an about-face and move with the flow of truth even if that choice creates shame and embarrassment. This is bigger than social deception. It has prepared people to believe the more impactful lies of spiritual deception – a deception with greater consequence.


  1. John J Anderson II

    Great insight, Garris.

    Parents raising curious children are often contending over whether to let them explore unknown territory and face the implicit danger or to breed closed-mindedness by adding a “judgmental label” and warning them to stay out of the subject altogether.

    When does wise caution become bigotry and paranoia?

    When does conviction become closed-mindedness?

    How does one become a friend of sinners, or become all things to all men in order to win some?

    Moses asked God for a “roadmap” (“teach me your ways”). God declined the request, offering instead to become a living guide (I will go with you).

    May we embrace that our Living Savior still is with us until the end of the age, working with us daily!

    • Jamie

      Ex 33 Moe asks God for a road map.

      1. God promises he will be with us.

      2. Exodus 34 God gives ol’ Moe the 10 commandments. The road map….for the second time.

      The ten are pretty clear cut…and where gray areas might exist you can find the clear cut answers in the social laws in the book of Leviticus.

      Like…I it murder if my ox gores a servant?

      The confusion can come when reading those detailed lines of the law…but u don’t have a servant or an ox….so that law doesn’t apply to me.

      The context us found in studying the Hebrew root words… and knowing where these laws came from. They all connect to stories we are familiar with. The floating ax, Tamar and Judah…and so much more.

      We don’t know how to connect the road map God has given us because we do not study scripture in depth and only look at the surface of the word.

      I would disagree…God did give Moe a road map, and the promise that He would walk with him thru the journey of learning what it was like to love God, love yourself, and love hour neighbor. (The essence of the 10 commnadments)

      I say this respectfully. Not wanting to argue.

      Much love in Christ


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