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A few weeks ago, Jan and I were invited to participate in a regional prophetic roundtable. The attendees were leaders from Oregon and Southwest Washington who were known for their prophetic insight. It was an honor to be with them.

Before the gathering, each of us was asked to pray and listen for anything the Lord might say that we could bring to the gathering. As Jan and I prayed, one of the words the Lord gave us applied not just to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but to the nation.

I saw a field of seed pods as far as the eye could see. The pods were planted by God and covered the landscape of America. The seeds had a mission to release incomprehensible levels of change.

As we continued to pray, Jan received a point of clarity regarding what will take place when the pods open and deliver the seeds of change.  The Lord said, “People will ask, ‘What just happened?’” It will be an experience similar to when the children of Israel saw manna for the first time and asked, “What is it?” As the seed pods open and release their seeds, the nation will be awakened to the reality of God, an awakening that will change the course of our history.


  1. Nita Belles

    Oh PRAISE GOD! I LOVE this! As I was reading, I heard in my spirit that people MANY will come to God in miraculous and unexpected ways. The closest thing to the heart of God is that His children will come close to Him. This world is just a moment and we worry so much about it. But God’s been encouraging me to prepare for eternity instead of investing in this world. Thanks again for that awesome word!

  2. Anna McIver

    This falls in line with Pastor Tim Sheets, Oasis Church, seeing a vision of a calendar for the months of February and March.. The calendars were different in that each location where days and dates should appear.. only one word appeared.. That word was CHANGE..

  3. Jeanette Ross

    I went to church and Eld asked me what my calling , a first I didn’t say anything, the Eld , turn me to one side and ask me again, what is your calling, I said Prophetess, how to say it to me that prophet gifting have been laying dormant , Laid hands on me , that all I hard . I fill like I need help around older prophets . My son has the call of a prophet.


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