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This week, my brother had open heart surgery. The procedure created two bypasses. Leading up to and during the surgery all of those in our extended family, and friends of my brother were praying. He did fine and it looks like he is on the road to a full recovery.

I did some research on open heart surgery so I could be better informed on how to pray. It is a gruesome surgery that cuts open the chest to allow access to the heart.  To perform the bypass, the surgeon must stop the heart and connect the patient to a heart-lung machine so surgery on a stilled heart can be performed without the heart moving as it pumps blood. Without the supporting work of the heart-lung machine, the patient would die.

This kind of surgery requires immense trust in the surgeon to whom we give permission to stop our heart while performing intricate surgery. The same takes place regarding the kind of spiritual surgery required to keep our hearts beating empowered by the things that align with the heart of God. 

Over the years, the veins and arteries that support our spiritual heart can become clogged with passions not sourced in God’s goodness and love. In Proverbs 23:26 the Lord said, “My son, give me your heart.” If we agree to go under the knife of God, He will need to open us up to perform deep work in the interior of our lives. He will stop our weakened hearts that are trying to live under the influence of old passions that are unhealthy and not able to help us stay fully alive and endure the long run of faith. 

Of late, I have been under the care of the Great Physician who is performing surgery on my spiritual heart. It is not a pleasant experience while under the knife. It is a dramatic and drastic work of God. I know without such surgery I will not finish well.

Before a catastrophic event happens in our lives catching us unaware, we need to be examined by the Lord to determine what is taking place deep within the interior of our hearts. If something is present that is creating a ticking time bomb, we can prevent a fatal heart event by giving God permission to conduct a life-changing surgery.

To arrive at the end of our days alive in Him and able to be used by Him as an instrument of His love, will require such surgery at various points in our lives. Without giving God permission to perform His life-saving intervention, we will progressively become weak and immobile, unable to endure the strenuous seasons of life that will induce a fatal heart attack on our faith.


  1. Lesley Ann Richardson

    Thank you Garris. So wise

  2. Galen Wright

    This is a powerful metaphor! I have been under that knife. I can attest to the pain of such spiritual heart surgery in my life — which probably could have been avoided had I ears to hear, and a heart to listen. A great word for me and for the body of Christ. Reminds me of Bob Munger’s book, My Heart Christ’s Home. Lord, inspect your residence; come, see if there is anything hidden or that I am keeping from you.

  3. Jamie

    thank you

    I had a dream where I was sitting at a local hospital who’s nick name on the community is kill em and hide em.

    I was sitting at the intake desk in a hospital gown that was open at the front…there was a clear scar line down the middle of my chest…I had recently had open heart surgery.

    There was a line of people stretching thru the foyer and out the front door…

    I was there to pay for their surgeries using my HSA (health savings account) credit card.

    God brought this dream…from YEARS AGO… back to my mind as I read your post.

    I am sitting in a very broken hearted state where everything has been sent to ashes continually ..it’s like the air has been stripped out of my lungs for the last time… and I have been praying… and searching my own heart and asking God to search me and teach me…

    last night was just beyond heartbreaking and I cried out to God that I just didn’t understand and I couldn’t take another blow.

    he brought me to the 3+1 in the fire ind Daniel three.

    and to you today

    and the reminder of a five year old dream.

    it’s a definitely a refinement process. it hurts like no other. I keep reminding myself ashes are the currency of the kingdom. submit it. die to your flesh/emotions on the matter and stay in the word.

    it’s so hard.

    and it hurts and feels so unfair at times….honestly… lots of tears.

    thanks Harris for the reminder. the heart surgery serves a purpose.


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