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We read in Scripture about standing for God. That stance demonstrates courage, something we all need to exhibit when the truth is clear, and under attack. In an uncertain moment when an attack begins, and we don’t know its source, ducking under the line of fire is a wise choice to make before we take action.

At this point in our history, our culture resembles the scene of a school shooting. We do not yet fully comprehend all that is taking place. Opinions, proclamations, and prognostications are flying about without restraint. Ducking under the line of fire offers us an opportunity to stay alive spiritually and emotionally long enough to assess the situation and determine who or what is doing the firing and how to respond.  To continue to stand in the vulnerability of naivety and ignorance before we assess our options will not end well.

I went on my Twitter feed today and the gunfire of opinion has switched the selector switch to full auto. It has become a garish mag dump. The blood of people’s reputations is being spilled and dishonor is rampant. It appears there is no end in sight.

Hell is firing lies and deceptions into our nation, and specifically into the Church, using a lack of character and dishonor as propellants to empower the barrage. Those who engage in spiritual warfare need to be wise when and where to stand. When we enter a conversation and the shooting starts, we need to let go of our pride and bravado and duck under the barrage long enough to hear what the Spirit is saying. 

Like it is when an active shooter is moving through a school looking for a victim, the options available are to hide, try to escape, or fight back. Each option is viable in a particular circumstance if we are being led by the Spirit. Standing up in the line of fire without knowing what we are standing for makes us a target, not a worthy and informed opponent against the evil that is being fired in our direction. 


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