A High Place Mission

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Prophetic | 2 comments

When I was a young SWAT cop, our team was deployed during a county-wide strike where emotions were tense, and the possibility of violence was real. Our days off and vacations were canceled, and we worked 12-hour shifts. This situation went on for seven long weeks without a break. 

Our team was called up because of the specialized equipment and training we possessed. This deployment took place in a metropolitan area, so our assignment was atop the most elevated structures in the region. Our 12- hour shifts were spent looking at what was happening below us through the magnified lens of binoculars and directing officers on the ground to investigate suspicious activity.

As the weeks wore on, fatigue began to set in because we had no emotional or physical relief to refresh our weariness. We relied on our training to remain focused on our mission. Without that training and resulting focus, we would have been of no use in our position of observation and would not have known how to direct the ground troops. That 7-week period of time reminds me of what many are currently feeling. The tension from the lockdown and election has brought psychological fatigue and thinned out the emotions of many.

If you are weary and maybe even disgusted and ready to give up, remind yourself of your Kingdom assignment. The Lord wants you to focus on the realities of this world from your position in Heaven’s highest place, where you are afforded Heaven’s perspective on the world’s affairs. While so much seems to be in the hands of earthly players, the real direction of future events is now in God’s hands, and He is making known His desire to those seated in heavenly places. 

The observations you make, along with a resulting interpretation, when translated into prayer, will become your most significant contribution at this moment in history. Focusing on that assignment and not your weariness will diminish the adverse effects of fatigue on your decision-making abilities because you remained on your Kingdom mission and kept your focus on your assignment.


  1. Lyn

    What. A Mighty God we serve … I work at the Police Station as civilian and in my daily observation of what my co workers faces daily ~ many victories , difficulties, challenges I can only help in my knees. This speak volumes as I know n my spirit they battle in physical but I help in the spiritual.

  2. Heather Hutchins

    This is remarkable, I do needed
    another perspective and this is exactly what I needed…thank you.


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