Angels on Assignment

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Prophetic | 2 comments

The first generation of believers did not think it unusual or strange to talk about angels or their ministry on Earth. Only when people were so taken with angels in an unhealthy way that diminished the Lordship of Jesus Christ was a correction needed. The existence and ministry of angels have never been a problem if someone has a healthy understanding of their purpose and place in God’s Kingdom.

In some circles of Christianity, to talk of the ministry of angels is the equivalent of intellectual suicide or risk being assigned to a quack version of faith. That is a sad commentary. Our faith increases when we have a right understanding of these heavenly beings and their activity in our lives.

To have a faith that does not consider the presence of angels can make one feel alone in their struggle against dark forces. We are never alone. Angels are always walking with us on assignment. They go before us, swinging the sword of Truth against the assaults of hell. Most of the time, this angelic work is unrecognized as a spiritual battle is taking place.  While unknown and unseen, it should never be dismissed.

Angels are sent to us at the command of a loving Father. Their arrival will bring all the power and authority of Heaven to bear in defense of those He loves. Today, if you feel alone, remember the angels and the One who sent them in your defense. That thought will be a great comfort as you engage the unique challenges facing your life.


  1. Angela Kerns

    I’m thankful for angels!

  2. Diana Katona

    I have had soooo many in person angelic encounters these last few yrs…much interactions, they have been there when no human was or could..


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