A High-Wire Act of Faith

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Courage, Death, Discipline, Faith, Freedom, Hope, Peace, Restoration | 0 comments

In the Spirit, I saw a person walking across a high-wire stretched between two destinations. They looked like a circus performer midway between two supporting poles inside a large tent. There was no safety net below to catch them if they fell. People were gasping as they looked up to watch this high-wire act of faith.

Fear had risen in the wire walker to the point where they were completely paralyzed by its effect.  They were ready to let go and step off the wire and fall into the hopelessness of their situation.

In that moment, as they considered that spiritually fatal decision, God spoke. He said, “I have trained you for this moment. You will make it across to the other side if you keep walking in faith. You don’t need a net. You have Me. Fix your eyes on Me and take the next step.”


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