Called to Bless and Honor

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Faith, Hope, Love | 0 comments

This morning, because of a ministry assignment, I found myself in a motel room in a city several hours from my home. When I turned on CNN to see the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the coverage broke away from that event to go to a memorial service honoring the 9/11 victims.

As the TV screen came to life, I saw President Trump and the First Lady standing in silence with their heads bowed honoring those who died that terrible day. Their images filled the screen with a close-up of their bowed heads. I felt impressed to stand from my chair and walk over to the television screen and place my hands on their heads. I began to bless them. I prayed for them with specific prayers and with prayers uttered from an unknown heavenly language. I asked God to help my life and my words reflect the substance of those blessings and the emotion I was feeling.

As I continued to watch the ceremony, I was reminded once again that as followers of Jesus Christ we have been called to be a people who leave behind blessing, not cursing, hope not despair. In times of national tragedy that take place in real time like Hurricane Irma or in a moment of remembrance for 9/11 and those who perished on that day, our politics, our heated opinions, and our unresolved personal frustrations should never be used as our emotional or spiritual navigational system.  God has offered us another option.

God bless you and may God bless America with an outpouring of love and honor for all her people.


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