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This week, I heard a new word – “shrinkflation.” Shrinkflation is a reduction in the size or volume of a retail product, especially packaged goods. Shrinkflation occurs when manufacturers retain the same price as before when more product was placed in the package, but now offer less for the same price. In other words, fewer corn chips in a bag, a little less soap, or less of anything all for the same original price. Shrinkflation sells us an illusion of sameness in packaging, product content, and price, but in the end, we walk away with less.

In the Kingdom of God, something completely opposite is taking place. Isaiah the prophet announced a coming Kingdom. The government of that Kingdom and how it functions would rest on the shoulders of Jesus. Isaiah said, “Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end” (9:7). While world systems continue to constrict and reduce, God’s Kingdom is expanding and increasing.

A great witness to the world of God’s supernatural love and power will emerge as the possibility of food shortages loom because of increasing global conflict. We will see miracles of provision take place. This Kingdom of increase will resemble what it was like when Jesus fed thousands of hungry people and after the meal was over had His disciples pick up the leftovers. The leftovers were more than the original content used to produce the miracle. With Jesus, there is no shrinking, only expansion.

Followers of Jesus will become like the storehouses of grain used by Joseph when he rose to prominence in Egypt and stored grain to feed not only Egypt but the surrounding nations during years of famine. Those who trust the wisdom of God will become storehouses of blessing to be shared with those in need.

A Kingdom of increase becomes very tangible and real when people are faced with seasons of fearful lack. In the coming days when social instability rises, we will be invited to place our trust in God alone as our ultimate source of provision. That trust will fill our hearts with peace beyond our ability to understand. It will also fill our stomachs. 

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  1. Jonathan Khan

    Oh the superabundance of God’s kingdom! The converse of “skrinkflation” is occuring in God’s kingdom “swellflation” (i.e. the divine multiplication of God amidst scarcity). It is a veritable biblical principle seen throughout Scripture, that famines and droughts (i.e. contemporary recessions) form the stage for God’s manifold provision to be released through His people.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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