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While wars and rumors of wars rage and division and hatred intensify, there is one thing that will create a steady platform where our mind and emotions can stand and feel secure. Discovering that one thing is a treasure beyond measure.

God has not changed His nature. He has remained the same across time and across covenants. The writer of Hebrews declared “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (13:8). Some in a desire to change God and make Him applicable to their misguided understanding of Him have fallen victim to what is described in the following verse, “So, do not be attracted to strange, new ideas” (vs. 9). When those two verses are read together it becomes obvious that thinking God has changed His nature in our generation is what opens the gate to all kinds of strange ideas about Him, His Kingdom, and what is defined as truth.

The operative word in Hebrews 13:8 is “same.” It has been translated “again” or “do this very thing again.” It was used in the genealogy of Jesus describing the scarlet thread of Christ through the history of His ancestral line.

Our understanding of the Lord’s Supper (Communion) addresses the unchanging nature of God when we were asked by the Lord to do this in remembrance of Him. When we take communion, it is not a dead liturgy. A miracle happens every time. The Hebrew word for testimony means to “do it again” or “do time again.” When we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, we experience the same resurrection power that was demonstrated through Christ in that day in history, in this day.

One of the most unique translations of the word “same” is defined as “a baffling, backward wind.” Winds of reformation are blowing through the Church and through the spheres of influence within our culture. What is taking place will make no sense to some people. It will be a baffling confrontation with their concept of reality. For others, it will be defined as a backward way of thinking, most sadly by followers of Jesus who have abandoned the unchanging nature of God who has faithfully displayed unchanging truth over time. They now entertain strange new ideas about Him that are leading them away from the fountain of Truth into the darkest pits of deception.

If God is not the same over the expanse of time, we will resemble abused children who return home to an unpredictable and irrational parent – a home without the consistency and stability of a loving parent.

One element that will be present in the coming Great Awakening will be a reawakening of the Church to the unchanging nature of God – the God who will do again in our day what He has always done with His followers throughout history. He will deliver us and set us in a safe place if are we are willing to repent of the strange new ideas we have come to believe about Him, ideas that foolishly declare God has changed His nature to fit our misunderstanding of Him. That safe place is encircled and guarded by the unchanging nature of the God of Heaven who promises to never leave us or forsake us because that would violate the unchanging nature of His love.


  1. Riekie

    Oh yes!!!! Amen and amen!!!

  2. Jonathan Khan

    Amen! The immutability of God is soo essential in an ever evolving world. We must as the Bride of Christ, return to and anchor on the fundamentals of the faith. This is the only way to have sustainable success, be preserved from New Age errors and become a bride without spot or wrinkle.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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