A Message from a Departed One

by | Jul 23, 2017 | Change, Courage, Death, Eternity, Family, Father, Hope, Marriage, Relationships, Resurrection | 0 comments

I am waiting for you
in the glory.
They are all here,
those who left before us,
the ones we loved.
I look so much different now than
you could ever imagine.
Whatever that perfect age was
in the Earth-life
I am there and more.
I am forever young
in an eternal way
perfect in a time
that will never end.
As I watch your life
through the eyes of God
I am experiencing such peace.
I have come to realize
that my time of prayer for
you is now finished.
I am in a place
of complete and absolute fulfillment,
a place without need.
I see your current struggles
but they are not overwhelming
because I see them through
eternal eyes.
When you finally make the passage
the first face you will see
will be His
followed by mine.
Until then
believe the best.
Never allow despair to have a place
in your life.
What is waiting for you
and for us,
is far beyond
all that we could ever have
dreamed, hoped or expected
in our wildest imagination.


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