Discovering Your Spiritual Sensory Perception

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In the small town where I live there are several very good restaurants.  One of those restaurants has an Italian name and serves continental cuisine. In the middle of the morning when the chefs are prepping for the day they begin to melt butter and saut√© garlic. I know this because I can smell it when I walk by the kitchen. By mid-morning when breakfast is becoming a distant memory that smell is torturous to a hungry soul. I have come to realize anything can be made into a gourmet dish with enough butter and garlic and imagination.

God gave us our senses as receptors. Each one can receive a natural message and each one has the potential to be used by God to transmit messages from the Spirit. A human sense is a physiological ability that provides us input for perception. Each of our senses, sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing can be used by God to alert us to an incoming message from Heaven. He put all five of our senses in us at the moment of our original creation for a purpose larger than just a natural way to perceive our surroundings. On the Day of Pentecost, a sound was heard that caught the attention of those assembled and helped them see the Spirit being manifest like flaming tongues of fire. Throughout Scripture, human senses are used metaphorically to help us understand God and interpret our surroundings.

There is another level of perception that is available to us when God uses our natural senses to convey a message or alert us to something beyond the obvious. I have smelled the effects of demonic beings in a room. I have felt the physical pain of a person I was praying for before they shared its presence with me and used that input to know how to pray.  I have seen supernatural script appear on the foreheads of people telling me what bondage held them captive. Our entire being is a communication tool that can be used by God if we will simply pause long enough to ask Him if there is more going on than just smelling garlic and butter being cooked.

Today, as you walk through the familiar sensory perceptions that will come your way, ask God to help you understand if more is being transmitted to you than just a smell or a sound or a touch from a natural source. You will be surprised at what you sense if you sense it in the Spirit.


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