The announcement of the United States Embassy being relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has become a spiritual starter gun signaling the start of an unprecedented unfolding and coalescing of events on the world stage.

A global transformation is about to move forward at a speed that will require a new definition. Acceleration will no longer be adequate to describe what is taking place. Explosive will become the new definition. Like the wildfires burning in California, a single fire can be worked and contained, but if the winds increase significantly, multiple fires will jump the surrounding geography merging together to produce a more significant event that can be impossible to contain.

I don’t write this to produce fear. Just the opposite is true. This is actually a moment of great hope because the dark forces that hold sway over nations and regions are beginning to lose their grip. This loosening of control will usher in a life of freedom. This freedom will be in stark contrast to what people have assumed to be their forever lot in life had not the Spirit began to move across the Earth in such dramatic fashion. This explosive movement is not the end. It is the beginning.


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