I visited the old Soviet Union when it was known as the USSR.  At that time, the USSR still carried many of the old Cold War images we associate with Communism. I was traveling as a guest of a large travel agency who invited a group of us to see the nation and become familiar with the unique travel challenges within its borders.

One stop we made was at the vast Kremlin complex in Moscow. There we visited a museum where I saw the most interesting artifact. It was a small goblet-like item that resembled a metal wine glass. At the top was a thimble-size container that held less than a teaspoon of contents. The tour guide explained to us that in the time of the Czars, salt was one of the most valuable and prized of commodities. Only the very wealthy had salt in their homes. When a Czar held a state dinner this small salt goblet would be positioned between him and his special guest. No one else at the table was allowed to take a pinch of salt. When I saw th salt goblet, I knew it would be used someday in a word from the Lord. Now, almost 30 years later, the Lord recalled that memory and attached a word to the image.

In 2018, some of you will experience divine favor and placement. You will be positioned next to people and institutions of power and influence. This placement can take place on several levels – locally, nationally and internationally. When it happens, it will be for heavenly purposes that in some cases will have significance in world affairs. Instead of these power and influence brokers being the ones who will offer the flavor of favor, it will be you. As one defined as the salt of the Earth, God will open the door to these unusual placements so those in authority can actually taste the salt of God’s Kingdom that you carry. The Spirit will remove the walls of insulation that would normally not allow you access to these divine encounters.

When Jesus told his followers, “You are the salt of the Earth”, He made that statement without restriction as to whose life and what place of influence we would flavor with our presence. The salt of the Kingdom is for the entire Earth and carries an assignment to influence each sphere of culture. In the same discourse in Matthew 5, Jesus warned us that our salt could become tasteless. Our passion for God is what flavors our salt. When we lose our passion, we lose our impact. 

As the New Year approaches, revisit the intensity of your passion for God.  This will flavor everything you do.  If you carry the flavor of passion, when you are finally positioned to release the favor of God’s Kingdom, your host will taste and see that God is good. Once that happens, you will be offered their ear to hear the message you have been positioned to deliver.


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