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In the coming days, the current not-so-civil culture war taking place in the United States will expand its influence and deepen its impact. Dark spirits manipulating governments outside our borders are behind some of this division. This is not the first time in history civil wars were empowered to divide people who would then become easy prey.

The last two years have revealed the depth of our differences in both the culture and sadly, within the Church. In one way, this civil war will bring an unexpected blessing. It has brought to the surface our brokenness. At least now we can see what we are facing and what needs to be healed.

This civil war is not being fought with rifles and artillery, but with exclusion, mockery, and the silencing of opposing opinions. People who are afraid and lack the courage to speak the truth in love, have been quietly shuffling into groups where the echo of their shared opinion is the loudest sound being made. As a result, these groups have created a false sense of security. 

In the Church, the greatest conflicts are not being fought against violations of biblical truth regarding Jesus as Savior of the world and narrow way leading to salvation, or the cardinal doctrines of the Church. We have been divided over personal opinion and the prepared interpretations of reality that have been created to easily pass through the bowels of our compromised intellectual and spiritual digestive tracts. The Church and her witness, not the culture and its stability, is in the most jeopardy of becoming casualties in this civil war. 

As this conflict increases in intensity, we need to stay simple in our faith and focused on the Lord, not the diversions that currently fill the public discourse. Only those with humble and moldable hearts who are radically submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ will remain standing spiritually and emotionally after this current civil war has run its course. 

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