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Some of the jeopardy we experience in life happens because we did not take the time to prepare. I do a few things to reduce risk that might seem over the top to an unprepared person until a situation appears and they are left without viable options. This is not just a practical issue. There is a spiritual component.

When I drive to a distant city, before checking into my hotel, I fill my car with gas. An emergency call in the middle of the night might require me to leave unexpectedly. Having an empty tank when the gas stations are closed and you need to get home is not a good thing. Each night, before I go to bed, I make sure my cell phone is fully charged. We never know what will happen in the middle of the night that would require the ability to communicate. I tie my shoes with a mountaineer’s knot so they will not come undone. A loose shoe knot is not what you want when you are trying to run away from danger on a city street. We have go-bags in both our vehicles. They are small backpacks containing enough food, water, and survival gear to enable Jan and me to survive long enough to either get home or move to a place of safety should a natural disaster take place and we had to walk. 

So, what does this mean? Is Garris not trusting God? Is he worrying about things that will probably never happen? I would suggest the answer is “no” because I have lived long enough to know that unusual and unpredictable scenarios can happen. Preparation provides us with options when life takes an unexpected turn. 

The spiritual component I mentioned is even more important. When personal crisis visits our lives, those who are spiritually prepared are best equipped to have their faith survive the ordeal. To be prepared spiritually requires that we remain in daily communion with God – a communion not fueled by religious events but by maintaining a personal, moment-by-moment connection with the Lord. We also prepare ourselves by absorbing God’s word each day receiving instructions on what to do when a personal crisis pays a visit. And finally, being prepared means having a small group of friends we can go to when our world crumbles and we feel alone and vulnerable. These are the ongoing spiritual preparations of someone who knows the jeopardy and risk that occurs when those three elements are not present. Being prepared is the evidence of a healthy faith.

Wisdom is what motivates us to live our lives prepared, no matter what the season. Wisdom transcends seasons. Paul instructed Timothy about his life and ministry. His words ring true for all aspects of life, “Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not” (II Timothy 4:2). 


  1. Jamie

    Thank you for sharing your train of thought on this matter.

    We live on a Midwestern fault line that is prone to tornadoes, floods and epic ice storms. (Sounds like paradise, right lol?)

    My youngest is a wheelchair and has atypical medical needs.

    My husband drives over an hour one way to work each day. The roads he travels are a mix of desolate rural roads where the next person traveling on it might be 12 hours out and city roads that are conjested and have a history of random shootings and road rage incidents.

    We both have BOB bags in our cars and our home I set up to weather a disaster in place.

    Because of comments others have made about my preparedness being a lack of faith….I had wondered if my preparedness was a sinful act.

    I never want to be out of line with God’s heart.

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s a perfectly timed confirmation for me and helps put my mind to rest on the matter

    On a side note…

    Has anyone else been unable to sleep regularly since around Christmas time last year? I have been wide awake till 3am for months now. I really feel like it’s been a call to stay awake and pray.

    Thanks Garris for sharing your wisdom and God’s hear for us daily.

    • Arlene Sarver

      to Jamie:

      Yes, sleep has often been interrupted by dreams that I take as calls to pray or just frequent wakings that call for prayer as well. It encourages me as an intercessor to know that God is using me in His plan, whether I know what that plan is or not, I trust Him and His timing.


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