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Last week, I was proofreading Jan’s new and soon-to-be-released book of blessings from Isaiah. I came across a line in one blessing that addressed our resistance to how God chooses to accomplish His plan for our lives and His ability to do so. Jan wrote that without faith, we see the Lord with limited sight “like a potter forming us with no hands.” The image was graphic and poignant depicting the Lord with His hands amputated by our unbelief.

God can do anything He wants at any time, yet He can also choose to work through our measure of faith to bring a promise to fruition. When we exchange our unbelief and fear for faith and trust, we, in essence, reattach God’s hands to the formation of a promise.

Everything God does in and through us all starts with a messy lump of potential sitting atop God’s potter’s wheel where He begins to form our destiny and fulfill His promises. The successful molding of the clay into the product God desires depends on the condition of the heart and the attitude of the clay. 

As the Lord begins to work on us, mud is tossed everywhere splattering on people and messing up the environment of our status quo. As God works on us, we get spun around becoming dizzy trying to focus on a reality that is passing away. Our only sure place of focus is not on a place in time and space, but on the words of promise spoken to us by the Lord when He placed us on His potter’s wheel, and our lives began to spin forward toward the creation of a promise.

The fulfillment of a promise is only possible when we submit to the loving pressure of God’s skillful hands. When God is finished with the molding process, the promise will become a living reality revealing something beautiful – something we could not have imagined when, in our unbelief, we saw the Lord as a potter without hands.


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